Thursday, November 8, 2012

Calculation of the item average availability

Hi all!

This time I will talk to you about the way to calculate average availability over time in AX 2009.

The calculation of the average availability requires the availability of every item code on a specific date (usually at the end of month), but this information seems not available directly in AX 2009.

I found a way to retrieve this information: I create a batch class that runs every day and check if the current day is the last day of the month.
For doing this check I have used the "endMth" function, that works also with leap years

Here's the code:

void Run()
    Table1                         table1;
    TransDate                   t = today();
    TransDate                   lastdayofMth;

    lastdayofMth = endmth(t);
    if (t==lastdayofMth)
       //Insert your code here for populate a custom table with item availability

This is part of a custom project I developed for get the Inventory Turnover Index in AX 2009.
(if anyone is interested please do not hesitate to contact me).

See you next time!...

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